….education is expensive

Sometimes, when we try something new, or even fall into a bad habit, it happens so gradually that we fail to notice the effects right away.  Well, I can say that this ReBoot of my digestive track is definitely working.  How do I know?  Experientially, that’s how.  The entire time I was on the system, I had a happy digestive system.  Things were starting to improve all around.  I noticed more energy, more clarity, and most importantly I wasn’t having any IBS flare-ups.  When I started feeling pretty good, I took it all for granted and allowed myself to ‘take a break’.  I went off the course for a week.  There was a little debate that went on in my mind about it.  I convinced myself that I would just ‘scale it down for the week’ and that should be ok.  Afterall, I was doing so good.

I went on vacation.  I brought some of my supplies with me, but not all them.  I figured, I’d stick to it as much as I could without it interupting my vacation.  Well, I didn’t do such a good job.  The first few days, I did nothing from the plan.  Nothing.  The supplements didn’t get injested, and I was immediately experiencing minor discomforts in my gut, as well as in my head.  By Tuesday, I was in full fledged IBS flare that lasted 2 days.  I learned my lesson the hard way, On vacation.  It seems that the few steps a day I was taking to keep those symptoms under control would have been a much smaller interuption than the IBS could ever be.

I haven’t been on a scale yet to see if any weight has come off, but I assure you that I am diligently working to get myself back into the routine.  The steps are simple.  They only take a few minutes a day, and yes they can be cumbersome when traveling, but I won’t make this mistake again.  I promise.