“How much are the classes?”

We get asked this more often than any other question.  The answer is, we don’t have a fee schedule.  You are welcome to give as much as you like as often as you like.  Most people give somewhere between $10-15 per class, but some give less, and others give more.  We also take monthly donations and/or donations to allocate toward a certain number of classes.  You tell us how much and how often you would like to give.  If you can’t give, well that’s okay too.  Sometimes the best donation is a recommendation.  Help us promote the studio and what we do.  We appreciate that as much as paying the rent. 🙂

“When are the classes?”

Our class Schedule is up to date and current. Click here for the Schedule.

“Do I need to pre-register for classes online? Or can I just drop in?”

Please, if you are attending a class, you need only to drop-in.  If you are new, please show up a few minutes (10-15) early to fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you are attending Reiki Share, Workshops or Trainings, we ask that you pre-register.  Often this determines whether the event happens at all.  So please tell us if you are coming.  You can always choose to pay at the door even if you pre-register.

“What Do I Wear To Class?”

Wear whatever feels the most comfortable to you.  Most people prefer loose fitting cotton clothing.  However it is important to note that we do spend some time upside down, so some women prefer to wear something more fitted up top.

You are also welcome to change when you get here, if you’re coming from someplace that frowns on Yoga Style.

“Is there someplace where I can change my clothes?”


“What Do I Bring To Class?”

The most important thing you can bring to class is your body.  Beyond that, if you want to, you may bring a mat, towel, blocks, a strap, a blanket, or whatever else you think will make your practice enjoyable.  No worries though, we have extras of everything.  So if you don’t have those things, you can use ours.  We love to share!

“Do I Need Any Prior Yoga Experience?”

Absolutely not.  We love newbies, and can’t wait to show you how amazing this practice can be for you.

“What If I Get Tired?”

Well who doesn’t get tired from time to time?!  If you get tired, take a break!  The last thing we want is for anyone to push themselves too hard.  Yoga is a discovery practice, not an Olympic sport.

“Where Do I Put My Keys And Cell Phone?”

We have some empty shelves in the studio for your belongings, including your shoes.  We practice barefoot.

Please be mindful and turn your phone to silent.

“I Have A Medical Condition Or Injury. Can I Still Participate In Class?”

As long as your condition and/or pain is under control, and you are cleared by your physician, you should be able to participate.  Please let your instructor know if there is anything going on with your body.  We all have special training, and can help you find modifications, if necessary, to keep you safe.  Sometimes we can even help you manage your condition with a few special moves.  So keep us informed, and keep your health care provider in the know.

If you cannot get up and down from the floor, we recommend you try our Chair Yoga class.

“Are Your Classes Heated?”

NO!!  There’s another studio in town that likes to heat things up.  We like to stay comfy and cool.  In fact, sometimes we have fans running to keep the air moving.

“What If I Have To Leave Early?”

We save the best for last, but if you have to go, you have to go.  To fully experience the benefits of yoga, it’s best to have a complete session.

Want to Know More? Feel free to contact us any time. Our contact information is located at the bottom of the screen.